OUR iDrive participants 2017

Before and after Photos of our iDrive participants being taught to drive. Wells done guys and girls.

 iDrive dates for 2018  26th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 25th August.

       POSTPONED                                           NOW 28TH JULY

Our iDrive participants 2018

Well done to all the iDrive participants that attended round 1 2018.

2nd round is 23rd June, 3rd round 28TH July and 4th round 25th August.

iDRIVE is a young driver training program that Whitsunday Sporting Car Club established in early 2014.

The concept of iDRIVE is to introduce new juniors into the fun and exciting world of motorsport in a supportive and safe club environment.

Participants, aged 12-17, can develop their driving skills to a level where they can confidently compete in the club level motorsport events.

iDRIVE is structured around the basic discipline of Motorkhana. Motorkhana's are a great introduction to motorsport. They test a participant's acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability skills in a variety of small tests marked out by traffic cones off regular streets or roads and other traffic.

Our experience shows that young drivers who learn car handling skills in an off road safe controlled environment are less inclined to learn the limits on the public roads.

Participants will have a driver trainer in the car with them at all times.

Our club has purchased 4 small hatchbacks to use as the iDRIVE training cars.

For further information, keep an eye out on our events calendar or contact our secretary on 0403032217 or email secretary@rallywhitsunday.com