Dates Subject to change

24th &25th June iDrive and Mowing Bee Sat night twilight and Sun Gravel Khanacross 

1st july CQ Field sponsor day
2nd July Construction Bee to complete timing hut

15th &16th July Saturday  twilight, Sun Gravel Khanacross 

 29th iDrive Working bee 

 5th & 6th August SAT Bitumen Khanacross Sunday Gravel Khanacross

 19th & 20th August 2-day Gravel Khanacross 

 9th & 10th Sept iDrive Working Bee Twilight Sun Gravel Khanacross 

30th Sept & 1st Oct 2-day Bitumen Event 

14th October IDrive Working Bee Twilight Sunday Gravel Khanacross 

28th & 29th October Sat Bitumen Khanacross Sun Gravel Khanacross 

11th & 12 November 2-day Gravel Khanacross 

2nd & 3rd December Two-day Gravel Khanacross

16th & 17th December Sat Bitumen Sun Gravel Khanacross (AGM)