Khanacross events are regarded as one of the introductory levels of motorsport.
They offer competitors the opportunity to take part in events conducted under CAMS rules, and the ability to learn car control and judgement under conditions which avoid the many hazards of public roads.
Whitsunday Sporting Car Club holds events on both dirt and tarmac and is a CAMS Affiliated Car Club.
Khanacross is a timed event conducted with one vehicle on the circuit at a time, it can be enjoyed in everything from a standard road car through to purpose built race car. Whitsunday Sporting Car Club has been around for over 10 years and are committed to advancing

FUN SAFE ‚ÄčMOTORSPORT in our region.

Tonker Park Raceway & Driver Training Facility is located 14 kilometres (17 minutes) south of Proserpine and 122 kilometres (1 1/4 hours) north of Mackay, on Lascelles Avenue, Proserpine.
Situated on 25 acres of a reclaimed cattle property, there are many dirt tracks. From tight natural terrain, to open flowing, you can test acceleration, braking and handling characteristics of your vehicle.
Any vehicle can compete with classes ranging to suit anything from a 3 Cylinder Diahatsu, up to a Turbo Charged Nissan or V8 Holden/Ford.
This is "Grass Roots" Motorsport and therefore the cheapest form of Motorsport available.
No matter how big or small your budget, there is fun to be had by all.